1. Keeping a bottle of hair spray in arms reach is perfect for removing pen and marker stains on your upholstery. Just simply spray a and blot and watch it work like magic.
  2. With arm rests covers and slip covers sometimes it can feel like a constant loosing battle, then you might want to invest in inexpensive slip covers.
  3. Another way to keep your upholstery clean is by making your own stain remover, aka your upholstery’s own shampoo, just combine a ½ cup of powdered or liquid detergent with a teaspoon of vinegar a quarter of warm water, mix in a bowl using a hand mixer to create a good froth, using the froth only, rub lightly with a sponge or cloth and then vacuum. Keep children away from the sofa or chairs until they have COMPLETELY dry, then kick back and relax.
  4. Scotchgard fabric and upholstery protector, the best defense is a spray from the 21st century plastic slip covers which is now reduced to a high technology. It creates a spill and stain resistant barrier between your furniture and that chocolate ice cream running down your 3-year old’s arm. If you seriously feel as though your ability to stay on top of spills etc. you should be investing in this product.
  5. Extra tip for wax spillages, when you spill wax on your sofa or chairs the best way to remove it is by placing a tea towel over the stain and put the iron over it for 5 seconds at a time and watch the wax lift off onto the tea towel.