1. Choose the right fabric – when getting upholstery, choose an upholstery fabric that match your lifestyle, go for fabrics which are easy to care for and keep clean if you have children or pets and if you have pets then avoid woven or thick materials that have too much texture, as that with pets don’t mix well.
  2. Fabric protection – well fabric protection offers a certain level of defense, its not a stain-proof option unless you are to clean the spills immediately. This will prevent them from being absorbed into the fabric.
  3. Fabric care – In order to properly care and maintenance your beautiful upholstery, you can get fabric air freshener, which not only makes it easier to remove spills and stains but also as a lovely smell to the room.
  4. Clean regularly – Regularly cleaning your upholstery, will remove the surface dirt and dust and therefore in the long run will prevent the dust and dirt from being embedded into the fibres of the fabric. A soft brush is also helpful for daily cleaning, however testing the brush on the fabric beforehand is advised to ensure it doesn’t snag or raise the fibres.
  5. Removing odours – In a home of pets, you may find that upholstered furniture absorbs smells, in that predicament, sprinkling the sofa with bicarbonate of soda and leave it overnight before vacuuming in the morning. This procedure won’t affect or harm your sofa, it will, however, keep the fabric fresh.